Vidiot Game

Howdy masochists!  Rob Zilks here with another game that I'm sure most of you will either enjoy or lose your mind over

Vidiot Game (PC, Xbox 360 Arcade)
Developed & Published by: GZStorm
Released: April 2012

The game itself is a series of microgames (if you're not familiar with that term, think of the WarioWare titles).  Don't try to search for a coherent plot, because then you'll be staring at the screen for hours.

You start off by making a character in various ways, ranging from an 8-bit RPG Character Sheet maker rip-off to seeing your fate in the stars.  This only affects certain in-between-game scenes as well as the appearance of your character.  You can be a Fungi, Vegetable, or Utensil.  The Utensils have randomly generated "D" first names, the Vegetables have randomly generated long first names, and the Fungi have randomly generated three-letter names.  You're also allowed to select a profession/class/job, cleverly named and created after various real world jobs.  You are also allowed to pick an alignment (how your character would act if the game cared), set your wealth and skill levels, as well as give them the length of your nose, fingers, or tongue.  This part does next to nothing in terms of the game other than decide how your character will look, what his name will be (if it's mentioned), and kill some time.

[Left:] A familiar setting to those of us who would play this [Right:] I wish I could play a Utensil Telemarketer in D&D 

The microgames can range from something as commonplace as advancing to one end of an alleyway with an overabundance of potholes, spinning a wheel, and lottery ticket scratch-offs to something as insane and out there as fleeing a dog you did nothing to provoke, piloting a jet pack in cyber-space, or even skiing down a mountain to avoid either a firetruck or a crazy vortex.

[Left:] An old favorite of sorts [Right:] This is how you KNOW you've been doing shrooms
Sometimes instead of a microgame, you are greeted with the opportunity to make a decision between three choices.  The situations can be anything from encountering a swarm of bees or even a cliff at the edge of the world (yes you can live on the edge).  The decisions range from "neutral", "good", "bad", or sometimes "just plain stupid" will take the place of any decision.

[Left:] Why can't I challenge the Devil to a fiddle contest? [Right:] BEES!  BEES EVERYWHERE!
If you make it through a certain number of microgames without dying, you are greeted with a victory screen that encourages you to start over.  However, if you fail a microgame or make a bad decision, you are greeted by [depending on the game you fail or the decision] either a death screen or an "erased from existence" screen.  Both give you the option to restart from the beginning or quit to the main menu, but the later screen will always restart you at the D&D-esque character creation screen (should you chose to restart).

Overall, the game is fantastic.  It does exactly what it sets out to do, which is kill your time and get you hooked.  As noted, it has a very WarioWare Inc.feel to it, and I would like to also note that the graphical style and overall bizarre feel to the game gives it a Toejam & Earl feel to it.  Also the images below will show you the scenes in-between each microgame.  It's a perfect display of the humor of the minds behind this game.

The levels of snark are almost parallel with Joss Whedon's writing.  Snark has almost reached critical mass.

Well, there you have it.  Actually, here you have it.  Clicking there will bring you to GZStorm's main site for Vidiot Game, where you can download the game for PC, as well as the OST.  There's also a link to where to buy the game for a buck for the Xbox 360 Arcade, but why pay for a game to play on a shameless stripped-down PC wannabe when you can play it for free on the superior, meant to be system.  That's just my opinion, it may be wrong, it may be right, who knows.  In the words of Nicholas Cage, "IT'S ALL ON YOU!"

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