Nitronic Rush

SUP NERDS! what if a game existed were you drove a car in an AMAZING Tron themed city. Sounds crazy right well we're not even done yet the car can BEND gravity to its will! oh yeah did I mention the car has... wings! Well that's what you are getting when you download Nitronic Rush which is completely free.
Unless your too chicken to play a real mans game!

Developed & Published by: The students at DigiPen 
Released on: November 11, 2011

So this games calls it self a "experimental survival driving game." , This surprisingly works amazingly well together. The goal of the game is to reach the end of every level seems simple right? The car it self has many abilities at its disposal such as jumping, flying, and boosting, if using the boost or wings to long your vehicle will begin to overheat which can be reduced by pulling those awesome level 3 hyper combos (as seen here). The game has an amazing soundtrack which I personally enjoyed, the game even says upon starting that it would be enjoyed with the in game audio and a controller (but we're on the pc and we aint no try hard CoD player). This games graphics, physics, and architecture were all built from the ground up which is told to you with a little statement before the game start which is a nice touch and proves they took there time and gave there all when making this game. Its no Fire-Pro Wrestling (The best video game series in the past 100 years) but it gets its job done

The games graphics are FUCKING BEAUTIFUL for a free game, I must say. It does it's job of immersing you into the game, when paired with its music. It's no post-hardcore music that real men listen to, and their robot that brings you beer from the fridge, and almost naked women - but yeah, not every game can be as awesome as the pinnacle of all games, WRESTLING!.  The physics are crazy, which makes the game that much fun, when you barreling down the road at 150+ mph than going off a jump, and you miss it!! That will lead to some hilarious moments!


Nitronic Rush comes with a plethora of features to keep one entertained for hours. These modes are story mode, and arcade mode which opens up even more mode (which include Story ,HARDCORE , Challenge, Stunt, Old, and community-made levels). There are also achievements to be unlocked to if your into that sort of thing which do not reward you with anything tangible, but still let you exercise your supremacy!

I than attempted to try the hardcore and stunt mode to prove that I'm better at being a nerd than you are, which is just another great-thing I excel at! In HXC modes, a large number of things that can kill you. Emphasis on you. Nothin' can bring me down.

"When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares into you"

I now have a treat for you all. This is me owning it up on the hardcore levels, this is not for the weak of heart and I dare ANY of you to beat my record! If any of you and i mean ANY of you NERDS! Even come close to beating my time this will become your fate! I gotta BRB, cause my keyboard is catching fire from all the HOT-ASS game-playin' I've been doing. Watch this video while I find my fire extinguisher.

Ahh man, that fire was burning through my living room, but I was all like  'No way, No one beats the Mastodon!" and I whooped it's-

Oh right.

Nitronic Rush has also received the gamers choice award at this years (2012) Indie game challenge. Pssssh that crappy Ass Effect 3 couldn't even win this and NR doesn't even have an ending! All you "MLG" geeks should put this on your pro-circuit instead of that Pokemans game (what are you 12?!). The next step from this company should obviously be to be bought out by ACTIVISON so they can put the abysmal World of Dorkcraft to rest finally. Its a small feat compared to the dozen of trophies and signed sports memorabilia i have in my mancave but impressive nontheless. 

I recommend you all give Nitronic Rush a try seeing as it's and is a fairly quick download, down load here at  http://nitronic-rush.com/download-game/

If you don't try this game out ill be forced to use Egyptian hypnosis on you fools
and trust me you don't want that.

Now you dont mind me there a gallon of muscle milk with my name on it. Also i bet Team Nitronics mancave if full of half naked women, stripper poles, a hot tub of beer, and the man of all men The macho man Randy Savage and Slash jamming out 24/7 well maybe not Slash probably All that remains or that hardcore group Brokencyde. So Team Nitronic you ever want to chill ill bring the bud lime. LATER NERDS!

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